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Todos Santos is for those who desire a non-commercial or non-resort experience in a traditional Mexican town. In little over an hours drive from this “Pueblo Magico” one can explore isolated beaches on the lake-like Sea of Cortez or deserted roads along the Pacific ocean north of town. Near the state capital of La Paz are the exotic islands of Espritu Santos with its many bays created by extinct volcanoes, reefs, navigable sea caves, world class diving, snorkeling and sea lion rookeries.

Over 14 species of whales inhabit the Sea of Cortez and you may be lucky to see them in and around these islands. During winter, one can take day trip tours to the bays on the Pacific side where the whales calve. La Paz, famous for its magnificent sunsets and two-mile long sculpture laden waterfront malacon, has a waterfront colonial district with many shops, restaurants and clubs to enjoy.

Adventurers can make expeditions north to Loreto four hours away by car or bus and will enjoy seeing many tranquil villages, bays; and islands in the Sea of Cortez along the way. In Loreto are museums and cathedrals hundreds of years old to explore and Indian cave paintings and rock carvings thousands of years old to ponder. Local guides will lead you to these ancient sites from Loreto or from further north out of San Ignacio.

In the nearby Sierra Laguna mountains are lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and forests of pine, and oak. Baja is a bird watchers and naturalists paradise with hundreds of species of wildlife here to appreciate. Migrating fowl stop over on their annual migrations in the areas rivers, bays and estuaries. In Baja there is always much to experience.

hotel palmas de cortez - east cape, baja california sur, mexico
cabo san lucas stone arch
Hotel Palmas de Cortez - East Cape
Famous Arch at Cabo San Lucas

Buena Vista - Los Barriles - Excellent sport fishing, windsurfing and beaches along the east cape region.

Cabo San Lucas - Far from being the remote fishing village of twenty years ago, Cabo San Lucas has stolen the resort scene in Mexico. Located on the same latitude as Hawaii, at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula west of mainland Mexico and close (approximately 1,000 miles south of San Diego) proximity to California, Cabo San Lucas has become the destination for many world travelers.

Candelaria - small community situated in the county of Los Cabos, with an altitude of about 200 meters.

Caduaño - a tiny town located about 25 miles from San José del Cabo. You will reach a row of rustic houses situated around a small plaza. This will be followed by an abandoned sugar mill that hasn't been operational since the previous century, when the village was a prosperous sugar cane producing community.

East Cape, Baja - While Los Cabos and the beaches that made it famous are enjoyed by many, there are other stretches of idyllic bliss in the Cape region, not far from the explorer's reach. The East Cape extends from several miles east of San Jose del Cabo along the Sea of Cortez, to north of Punta Pescadero, Los Barriles and Rancho Buena Vista. All are names long popular with fly-in fishing diehards; but perhaps not so familiar to many others.

El Triunfo - 4 1/2 miles north or San Antonio. Gold and silver were first discovered here in 1862 and soon prospectors from Mexico and the United States set up a camp and a mining operation. A hurricane flooded all of the local mines and the area was soon after left almost deserted. There is talk of some larger mining operations returning to El Triunfo.

La Paz - The Capital of Baja California Sur and a very quiet city. A history steeped in adventure and legend. La Paz is a city founded in 1535 by Hernán Cortés. La Paz, an ideal getaway, is only a few hours by car from Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos. Crimson sunsets accompany picture postcard views of the bay; pristine waters await the visitor; fishing is among the world's finest.

Los Barriles - Small Baja town along the Sea of Corez with a laid back style.

Loreto Bay, Baja - For 300 years, Loreto remained one of Mexico's treasured secrets. Sitting peacefully on the shores of the Sea of Cortes, hidden beneath the Sierra de la Giganta mountains, only a few visitors were lucky enough to discover this little jewel of Baja. But once you visit a place like Loreto you can't keep it to yourself, and now the secret is out.

Miraflores - approximately 25 miles north of San Jose del Cabo. Located about 5 miles down the road from Caduaño. This village is populated by ranchers and farmers who have become famous and world renowned over the years by making fabulous leather and furniture handcrafts.

Pescadero - Pescadero is a small rural village located at about Km. 64 on Mexico 19, only 8 Km. south of Todos Santos in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Pescadero is about a 45 minute drive north of Cabo San Lucas, has a pleasant climate and has been undergoing some changes in the last few years.

San Antonio - mining town in bygone years. San Antonio, small mining town, is 18 miles north of San Bartolo. Once in past years, San Antonio served briefly as the capital of Baja California Sur when Loreto was destroyed by a hurricane. Many old buildings, the church, and the remains of the exhausted mines make San Antonio a great choice for some photos. There's some abandoned mines that they give off large smoke stack that dominates the town skyline. 

San Bartolo - village about 10 miles north of Los Barriles

San Jose del Cabo - San Jose del Cabo was for hundreds of years, the only community here at the tip fo the Baja California Peninsula. With its natural fresh water oasis flowing into palm-lined lagoons at the oceans edge, the area supported Indian communities and hundreds of species of wildlife for thousands of years before colonization by the Spanish. During the pre-colonial period it was a watering and provisioning stop for Spanish galleons. The heavy ships laden with treasure, silks and spices from the east were the ‘big game fish’ then for pirates like Sir Francis Drake who came looking for ‘donations’ to his favorite charity (himself) and his majesty the 'Virgin' Queen Elizabeth. San Jose del Cabo was finally settled in 1730 with a Jesuit mission and fort to help stabilize the region against these marauders.

Santiago - a small town approximately 35 miles north of San Jose del Cabo

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