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Todos Santos Beaches - Beach Guide
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

One can enjoy some of the most pristine, un-populated beaches in Baja in the vicinity of Todos Santos. Near town one can find beaches for camping, surfing, swimming, skim boarding and surf fishing. Some say that some of the most isolated and beautiful beaches in all Baja are to be found right here. Playa las Palmas at Km 57 is one.

More of a scenic beach than one preferred for water sports – this picture postcard tropical beach bordered by a lagoon, palm groves, lush vegetation and two headlands, will touch your soul. Perfect for a quiet day at the beach, its best shared with someone you love.

Playa San Pedro, aka Playa Las Palmas is near Todos Santos.
playa los cerritos at pescadero near todos santos
Playa San Pedro
Playa Los Cerritos

Another popular spot is Playa Los Cerritos at Km 54. Surfers, swimmers, surf fishermen, sun worshipers and campers have been making pilgrimages to this piece of paradise for years. The sandy beach and inshore bottom is broad, shallow and perfect for boogie boarding and surfing. There’s a bit of a rip along the north rocky point that smart surfers use rather than paddling out through the waves. Beach area lots have recently been made available for sale and some of the beach leased for a restaurant and surfboard shop concession. Camping is still available but farther to the south along the beach than in years past. Boat launching facilities or marinas are not available anywhere between Cabo and Todos Santos. Aside from the aforementioned two beaches, the remaining area beaches consist of miles of playas where the only footprints in the sand you will see will be your own.

In general, beaches in nearer to Todos Santos are accessible. Remember all area beaches are without lifeguards or comfort facilities with the exception of Playa Los Cerritos, which has a new restaurant on the beach this year. All Todos Santos beaches are perfect for strolling, sunbathing, surf fishing, and whale watching. Carefully watch surf conditions before swimming as winter surf can create hazardously large waves that are a challenge to get in and out of. There are sea lion rookeries on area rocky outcroppings. Please keep your distance from these animals and surfers should yield waves to dolphins as they were here first.

All the beaches are un-guarded and our guide below will advise you as to which activities are better suited for particular beaches.

todos santos beach - todos santos, baja, mexico
I am not sure of the name for this
beach. It is off Calle Las Playitas,
just past El Batequito.
todos santos beach - todos santos, baja, mexico

Playa Los Cerritos - Km 64
A beautiful, sweeping expanse of pristine beach just south of the farming community of Pescadero. The turnoff is at Km. 64. Watch the markers as there is no sign. Drive through the deserted campground and pick your spot. Cliffs are at the western end of the beach with a crescent shaped beach facing the ocean. This is a popular surfing spot, as attested to by numerous tents on the beach near the water with surfboards outside. Swimming is relatively safe here, too.

San Pedrito Beach (Playa San Pedrito) - Km. 59
Formerly called Playa El Estero, this popular surfing beach is called El Pescadero after the fishing village nearby. In season, whales spout near the shore, and mangoes here ripen twice a year. The Golden Gate Bank is just 3 miles off shore, making it easily accessible for small boats.

Playa Las Palmas (Playa San Pedro) - Km 57
Playa Las Palmas is a smaller quarter mile expanse of beach bordered by a reed lagoon and protected by rock promontories on both sides. Groves of palm trees frame this gorgeous small beach. Ruins of an old rancho are nearby. Excellent area for hiking, swimming and body surfing. Getting to it is easy since the road is new. Heading north from Pescadero to Todos Santos, turn left at the research station and follow the 2 lane dirt road to this magical, secluded beach. Gate closes at 6 p.m., so watch your time.

Playa Punta Lobos - Km 54
Local fisherman launch their pangas in the waves at the local beach several miles outside of Todos Santos. Playa Punta Lobos is clearly marked by an access sign on the highway at Km. 54. After several kilometers, you'll spot the landmark rocky promontory and lighthouse. There is a deserted cannery at the beach's eastern end. The beach is long and perfect for strolling. Swim with caution. In the early afternoon, watch the panga fleet returning.

Playa La Pastora -
Located about 5 miles north of Todos Santos you find this break by starting in town at the Hotel California. Just east of the hotel look for a road that heads north and when you get to the bottom of the hill hang a left and continue down a dirt road for several miles and keep your eyes out for a small sign for Pastora.

Playa La Poza -
Access via the La Cachora road. Suitable for walking, fishing, whale watching, relaxing or sunbathing. La Poza is not a swimming beach. La Poza has a large freshwater lagoon populated that is great for bird watching.

Playa La Cachora -
Access via the La Cachora road. Suitable for walking, fishing, whale watching, relaxing or sunbathing. The La Cachora beach has become popular with skim boarders.

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